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    Welcome to Residence At Home

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Originally known as Pathways Residence, Residence At Home is a non-profit organisation established with the sole aim of providing independent accommodation for the young adults with special needs. Parents and caregivers came together a number of years ago to represent these young adults who were all ready to spread their wings.

At present there are eight young adults who have left the nest. The house is run by a housemother with her two facilitators.

The house has ten rooms; one for each of the young adults and one for the housemother and one for the two facilitators. We were donated a one hectare (2.2 acre) piece of land which enabled us to build a house that now accommodates the various special needs of these Young Adults.

The residents have a daily roster to help with the basic chores of the house.

The residents and staff are transported in a 14-seater bus - a brand new Toyota Quantum, recently purchased, was sponsored by many good Samaritans.

While the initial dream has been fulfilled we do not stop here. Our greater dream is to help young adults with special needs leave their respective nests. The reality is that the committed parents and caregivers will not be here forever. What happens to their vulnerable children when they are no longer here to advocate for them?

Hopefully in the future, with your help, we could empower many more special young adults who dream just as we do of independence.

If you require any additional information or would like to contribute financially or otherwise, please feel free to Contact us


Cell: 084 500 2539

Email: gaumbridget@gmail.com